KMD Ripening Chambers

The post maturing system is aimed at the plant economics and cost reduction

About the KMD air conditioned post-ripening and drying units

  • The KMD ripening chambers are designed for the second stage of fermentation and drying for non-heat-treated durable meat products or for drying heat-treated durable meat products
  • The chamber is versatile and meets the conditions for the machining of most commonly produced durable products, heat treated and unprocessed products
  • It can be equipped with electric, steam or hot water heating
  • The cooling heat exchanger can work with different types of freon, antifreeze, or ammonia
  • They are equipped with an advanced control system that ensures perfect control of the ongoing process at any time by the using the principle of absolute humidity and enthalpy of outdoor air
  • Thanks to the physical principles of absolute humidity and enthalpy, an excellent economy of operation is ensured using only the necessary amount of energy
  • The chamber may operate continuously or intermittently based on the air parameters in the chamber
  • The possibility of alternating air flow (DAF1 and DAF2 and CrossFlow) increases the uniformity of the product and reduces the risk of surface overflow. As a result, the process can be safely accelerated up to 20%
  • The chamber is always designed according to specific customer requirements
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