Metalbud-NOWICKI Washers

High-speed cutters designed to produce all kinds of meat stuffing with different degrees of crumbling and fat emulsions, also from raw skins.

About the Metalbud-NOWICKI Washers

  • Water heating systems:electric, steam, electric-steam, gas, oil and hot water
  • Guiding mechanism for washed containers
  • Mechanical conveyor for containers transport with a speed regulation (chain conveyor)
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Closed water circulation system
  • Stainless steel centrifugal pump
  • High efficiency - up to 600 containers per hour (for MPU-600)
  • Regulation and distribution of rinsing water in terms of: intensity of rinsing, refreshing of tank water, overflow
  • system allowing water savings in the washer in case of temporary lack of a container in the tunnel
  • Chemical dosing
  • Optional devices available, i.e. pre-wash and air blow-off modules
  • Guards protection against accidental opening
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