Metalbud-NOWICKI Micro-Cutters

High-speed cutters designed to produce all kinds of meat stuffing with different degrees of crumbling and fat emulsions, also from raw skins.

About the Metalbud-NOWICKI Micro-Cutters

Micro-Cutters KR-45, KR-90 of Nowicki are solid machines designed for accurate cutting and emulsification of raw materials for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. They are perfect for emulsifying sausages, pies, sauces, as well as cream-like products.


  • Double non-contact cutting head, prevents premature wear when working without raw material
  • Simple and quick operation of cutting tools without the need for adjustment. Just put on and use
  • Cutting tools do not require sharpening
  • Possibility of work in line with other machines
  • Fully stainless steel construction
  • Compact and mobile design
  • Simple operation based on a touch panel with temperature measurement.
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