Vacuum Tumblers

Shorter defrosting time and better product quality thanks to a special blade system and an efficient defrosting system

About the Vacuum Tumblers

Heating system

  • insulated cooling jacket around the perimeter of the drum
  • glycol system of heat distribution
  • external box with fittings, connecting with the plant steam installation
  • possibility to work with an autonomous steam generator

Cooling system

  • insulated cooling jacket around the perimeter of the drum
  • external cooling unit
  • glycol cooling system

Technological advantages

  • lower operating costs by combining several technological processes in one device, without the need for additional loading of the load
  • possibility to exclude weight losses
  • improvement of the microbiological conditions of production processes
  • reducing the time of defrosting to a minimum
  • controlling the process temperature at the desired level
  • improvement and consolidation of the natural colour of the product
  • high production efficiency
  • improving the microbiological quality of the final product

Examples of possible defrost products

  • meat blocks
  • poultry blocks
  • seafood
  • fish

Possibility to conduct other technological processes

  • brew
  • cooking
  • curing
  • traditional massaging
  • cooling the product
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