Microprocessor Control System

Microprocessor control system serves for automatic control of smoking, cooking, baking and chilling cambers, air-conditioned and defrosting units and boiling kettles

About Microprocessor Control Systems

The microprocessor control system serves for automatic control of: 

  • smokehouses
  • cooking chambers
  • baking chambers
  • chilling chambers
  • air conditioned units 
  • boiling kettles
  • defrosting units 

Optional accessories:

  • System of data collection, registration and back-up in the working processing
  • Management of fault conditions, remote control through the  LAN, Internet or  Ethernet network system

On customer’s request it may be delivered with the control unit as follows:

  • M2015
  • M2016 with Touchscreen
  • PLC programmable automat with touchscreen

The control system:

  • chamber temperature, relative humidity, catalyser temperature, admission steam quantity in chamber, input quantity of cooling medium into cooling exchanger, cooking according to the „Delta-T" method.
  • smoke generator, chamber automatic cleaning process, ventilator speed stage • activate shower, automatic door opening, change-over of smoke flue flaps
  • They monitor chamber, product core, catalyser and smoke generator temperature
  • They operate the friction smoke generator, liquid smoke applicator and additional equipment

The control unit displays:

  • actual and required values of chamber temperature, product core and relative humidity
  • running step time or remaining time till the running step end 
  • name of product and actually running program step
  • The control unit enable to store into memory up to 99 programs. Each program can contain 20 steps (phases).
  • The control unit is provided with the RS 232 serial interface for connection on PC and data collection and processing of thermal process course as a standard 

Data collection and registration on PC - software upgrade

  • The program is intended for collection, storing, identification, searching, printing and back up of data relating to course of temperature in the smoking, cooking or intensive chilling process and setting of control unit programs.

Program consist of two parts:

  • collecting program of data from the control units of smoking, cooking or intensive chilling chambers and their recording into tables running on the windows background.
  • collected data processing program with special sheets for each chamber enabling their subsequent processing.

The PLC programmable automat

The PLC programmable automat serves for monitoring, control and visualisation of technological processes in the chamber.  It also provides the data filing of technological processes.  The display and control panel of  the size of 10.4” with touchscreen is a part of PLC. All the values and data necessary for control and setting the control unit parameters are displayed. The operation is realized by means of press-buttons provided with symbols in use. The control unit can contain up to 100 programs. Each program has its unique name. The required chamber temperature, humidity, ventilator speed and step duration can be programmed in each step. These values together with actual ones are displayed on the control unit. The user is informed about the program name, step name, error messages and other data by means of text information. The data input takes place by means of touchscreen. The Ethernet interface enables the data transfer between control unit and PC with printer. It is also possible to connect more control units by network to the central system and  to monitor the temperature records, humidity curves and run of individual procedures which assures the whole quality check of all product processed in the equipment. The control unit also enables setting in several world languages, system setting according to the type of controlled chamber, working out and editing the production programs (specifications), fault conditions management, remote control through the  LAN or Internet network system and hereby to adapt  the environment to a user.

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